Turnkey Audio/Video Observation and Recording Solutions for the 21st Century

CVi offers turnkey audio/video observation and recording solutions specializing in Clinical Observation Recording Systems (CORS) for higher education clinician training, observation and evaluation.

Higher Education and Commercial Training Applications

Founded in 2003 by Richard Bungey, current President, CVi has since partnered with dozens of Universities and Colleges to bring to them a true turnkey audio/video recording system for their on-campus clinics and labs. CVi’s Clinic Observation and Recording System (CORS), is designed for integrated Clinic Interview Room style training for Students in Psychology, Counseling, Speech Pathology, Audiology, Nursing, Dental, Child Development and Autism programs. including Multi-discipline clinics as a multi-dimensional training tool.

In addition to Health Science applications, CORS is used to improve skills training for Sales, Marketing, Business, Communications, and Law students.

Law Enforcement will find CORS extremely helpful not only for training new cadets but also as a tool for investigative interviewing and observation.

CVi also installs CORS at public and private clinics across the country.

Ease of Use

CORS is designed for ease of use while maintaining the integrity of the counseling/investigating process.  It is a complete Digital Recording Solution which allows for live discrete interaction during the counseling session and or preserves the session for review with the trainee, faculty, staff, or family members after the session is complete.

Fully Automated

CORS is fully automated allowing the instructor or trainee to focus on their clients; building rapport and providing support, not on operating the system.

CORS also provides;

  • Clear audio and video recordings and real-time presentations
  • The ability to discretely comment to or prompt the counselor via an earbud during the counseling session.
  • The ability for the instructor to place written notes or tags into the recording either during or after the session.
  • Simultaneous recording to both the hard drive of the system and a DVD if desired.

Multi-Department Training Tool

The turn-key Clinic Observation Recording System (CORS) is specifically designed as a true, discrete, multi-department training tool enabling;

  • Students to demonstrate and improve their clinical counseling skills quickly and effectively.
  • Faculty and Supervisors to monitor, grade and assist students efficiently and unobtrusively.
  • Counseling Programs to demonstrate their clinical training achievement for accreditation purposes using video evidence.
  • Lecturers to record lectures and make them available to students.
  • Researchers to search video archives, download and create video training videos.
  • Patients and Families to monitor live treatments

World Class Service

CVi provides world class service with:

  • Extensive industry experience and expertise
  • Use of innovative, leading edge products
  • Personalized friendly service
  • Lifetime support for the CORS solution

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