Turnkey Approach

CVi integrates components for its CORS solution from the best providers of audio/video equipment and recording software, assembling an audio/video recording observation system that’s the most powerful, integrated, multi-room system available today. CORS is powerful but scalable, accessible and is truly turnkey. Each CORS solution is designed to not only fit your needs and your budget but is easy to use and operate.

Minimal instruction is needed to operate the system once installed. Each system is customized and the interface is completely modular. Only the functions the user needs will be displayed. It’s basically a “point and click” system and is accessible to people of all technological levels.

CORS is the perfect solution for situations where recorded data is confidential and needs to be controlled. The system allows for easy administrative access and control while maintaining the highest confidentiality safeguards.

Project Management

CVi provides total project management when installing each CORS solution, including;


“What To Do”

CVi strives to provide the best end-to-end Audio/Video Recording Solution in the industry. Our motivated and experienced staff is able to assist with every aspect of assessment, design, planning, implementation and execution, providing a “tailor-made” solution for each client. Whether designing a new system or adding features to an existing system, CVi will provide the insight required to integrate emerging audio/video technologies with your infrastructure. Site assessment and design services are the first step towards a standards-based Audio/Video system that is dependable, scalable and flexible.


“Do It For Me”

CVi will install everything to ensure the Clinic Observation Recording System operational on “Day One”. We provide clients with a “Turn-key” approach by supplying all required hardware as well as coordinating efforts with other contractors. CVi brings you qualified people, process and technology to assure reliable, on-time, within budget installations.


“Help Me Do It”

CVi provides thorough training, which is a critical step to achieve the best value and understanding of you Clinic Observation recording System (CORS). The training will ensure the ultimate in performance, productivity and user understanding. By leveraging all available features in our CORS solution, our comprehensive training program gives clients the ability to realize maximum return for their investment.


“Help Me Manage It”

The ability to manage a solution after installation is a key component to ensuring a productive environment. CVi understands the need to perform fast, accurate analysis of situations requiring attention. Whether explaining a feature set or diagnosing a problem, the CVi Helpdesk will assure speed to recovery in every situation.



The CORS software used by CVi in our solution has various features, functions, security and permissions to help meet HIPAA challenges and works in tandem with the clients’ technology staff to meet client compliance goals.

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